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"Hi Shaun Want to thank you and your team for coming out and sorting out the huge rat problem that I had in my roof. I have not heard a rat or even noise after your visit. Thanks so much."
Leroy U - 23/07/2014
"Last month my dog was stung by a wasp here in my Camps Bay home, and again last week. I called Pest Control and they were out here the same day. The wasps are gone and have not come back Thanks Sean and his team for the great work."
Catherine B - 14/06/2016
"Hi YEY my bed bug problem is solved thank you so much. Sean you and your team are great."
Deshawn A - 04/12/2017
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Ant Control in Cape Town

Ant Control in Cape Town

Hi there.
Welcome to ANT CONTROL here in Cape Town. We as PEST CONTROL and FUMIGATION experts wants what is best for our clients. Our PEST CONTROL technicians are very highly trained in what they do they have been dealing with crawling insect and ant pest problems for many years now. The chemicals we use are harmless to animals and children.
We as the PEST CONTROL EXPERTS here in Cape Town only ask our clients to evacuate their home for an hour or hour and a half while we spray. Our clients could even go sit outside when we spray just so they cant inhale the chemicals in their wet state after an hour you can go back into your home and it will be perfectly safe. When the chemical starts to dry thats when it will start to take effect and kill the INSECT PESTS.

A little about our common ANT PESTS:

ANTS are INSECTS, they have six legs. Each leg of an ant has three joints. The legs of the ant are very strong so that makes them run very fast. Ants have a life expectancy of 45 to 60 days. Ants uses their antennaes to touch and their sense of smell. A head of an ant has a pair of large, strong jaws. As you have seen an ants jaw can open and shuts sideways like a pair of scissors. An adult ant cant chew or swallow any solid foods. Ants only have one pair of eyes but yet those eyes are made of many smaller eyes. These eyes are called compound eyes.
ANTS are a very big pest to have in your home, they go after all sugar and protein food. Ants also carrie diseases and for them to get into the food they have to walk over you work surface or in cupboards spreading diseases. An ants body on the outside is covered with a hard armour that is called the exoskeleton. Ants also have four distinct growing stages like, the egg, larva, pupa, and then the adult. There are many different ant species found here in Cape Town, most of the ants are either sugar feeding ants or protein feeding ants. Each ant colony has at least one or more queens allowing them to multiply very rapidly.

The COMMON BLACK ANTS, WOOD ANTS and RED ANTS have no sting, but they can squirt a spray of formic acid. When a ANT finds food he will leave a sent behind to lead other ants to the food he has found so other ant colonies can also find the food.

If you have any problems with ants in your home or business please give our friendly Cape Town PEST CONTROL and FUMIGATION experts a call and out friendly techs will gladly assist your with your Pest Control or ANT CONTROL problem Problem in or around Cape Town.

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